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Photograph of Southwest Harbor, Maine
Southwest Harbor Maine
MapsAlive was launched in 2007 as the first web application to let anyone create interactive maps and floor plans. MapsAlive is owned and operated by AvantLogic Corporation of Southwest Harbor, Maine. AvantLogic was founded in 1999 as a software consulting company specializing in web applications, commercial grade software, and safety-critical computer systems.

Company founders George Soules and Janice Kenyon started their careers during the 1980s in the high tech industry of Massachusetts working for companies like Digital Equipment Corporation and Wang Labs. They moved to Vermont in 1990 to start Lexical Software and later became co-owners of Black & White Software before starting AvantLogic. In the fall of 2013, the company relocated from the heart of the Green Mountains in Vermont to the beautiful coast of Maine.

Location and Hours
AvantLogic's offices are located on Mount Desert Island, the sixth largest island in the contiguous United States. We are just a stone's throw from Acadia National Park, offering spectacular mountain and ocean recreation.

You can reach us by email and telephone from 9 to 5 Eastern Time except weekends and holidays. We do our best to reply to you on the same day.

Data Center
Our web site www.mapsalive.com and the interactive maps you create with it are hosted by SherWeb. Our dedicated Windows 2008 server is housed in a world-class data center supported by highly skilled technical personnel 24/7. The data center is engineered with multiple levels of security, uninterruptible power, redundant HVAC systems, fire suppression and around-the-clock monitoring and management.
George Soules, President George Soules is a software architect with over 30 years experience in software engineering, architectural design, and implementation of mission-critical applications. He holds a degree in Information Sciences from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He has worked with ABC Television, Bombardier, DaimlerChrysler, IBM, New York Power Authority, the State of Vermont, and The Art Institute of Chicago to name a few. George is also an accomplished photographer currently focusing on photography for personal enjoyment and volunteer work for charitable, educational, or non-profit organizations. Learn more and see George's images at George Soules Photography.

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Janice Kenyon, Vice PresidentJanice Kenyon does product development and is responsible for support and marketing. She also creates custom interactive maps for customers using MapsAlive. She has a degree in Information Sciences and Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz. She has over 30 years experience in the high-tech industry in Massachusetts and Vermont. When she's not at work, you can often find her hiking, biking, kayaking, gardening, or quilting.

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