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Creating a New Symbol Marker

Video Transcription

Hi, this is Janice and I want to show you how you can jazz up your interactive maps and floor plans and make them more informative by creating your own symbol markers to show different kinds of locations like restaurants, colleges, and hotels. Symbol markers have a normal appearance like this green restaurant symbol and a selected appearance — the red restaurant symbol — when you mouse over it. This is done by using two different symbol images to create the marker. This coffee cup marker uses a brown cup image for its normal appearance and an image of a blue cup with steam for its selected appearance.

Let's go back to the Tour Builder and see how we created this hotel symbol.

First we'll upload an image for the marker's normal appearance and another image for the marker's selected appearance. Choose New > Resource > Symbol. We'll name this symbol "Hotel Yellow" and then browse for the symbol image we want to use. I'm going to select the yellow hotel image from my computer and then click Load. We'll create another new symbol that will be used for the selected appearance, name it "Hotel Red" and choose the red hotel image.

Next we'll combine the two new symbols to create the marker. Choose New > Resource > Marker. We'll call the new marker "Hotel" and use the default Marker Type of symbol. From the Normal Symbol dropdown we'll choose the Hotel Yellow symbol that we just uploaded and from the Selected Symbol dropdown we'll choose the Hotel Red symbol.

You can click Save to update the preview and see what the new marker looks like and mouse over it to show the selected appearance.

To use the new marker we'll go to one of the hotel hotspots and choose Hotel from the Marker dropdown to assign it to this hotspot.

When we preview the tour, this hotel hotspot now uses the new marker.

If you want to change the marker for many hotspots at a time you can choose Map > Replace > Markers, select the hotspots you want to change, choose the new marker, and click Replace. Let's change the marker for the other two hotel hotspots from the Pin to the Hotel marker.

Now when we preview, all the hotels use the new marker.

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