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Video Transcription

The MapZoom feature lets you display larger or more detailed maps in the same space as smaller maps. MapZoom is perfect for large geographic maps, complex floor plans and diagrams, and other large maps like this campus map.

Here is a map of Acadia National Park without MapZoom — you can see the entire map, but you can't read the details. Let's turn MapZoom on and see what happens.

To enable MapZoom choose Map > Map Setup in the menu and simply check the Enable MapZoom box. Now when we preview the tour, MapsAlive has automatically added pan and zoom controls that let you zoom in and out and you can drag the map in any direction to bring map details into view. This lets you show more information is less space and you don't have to reduce your map which can make it unreadable.

You can also display a map inset that shows the visible area of your map and lets you drag the navigation rectangle to view different areas.

You can customize the controls to complement your map or web page by choosing Map > Advanced Map Options in the menu. You can choose where you want to display the map inset or turn it off altogether, and you can change its size — let's display the inset in the lower right and make it a little bigger. Here you can change the color of the location rectangle within the map inset and you can change the color of the zoom controls. The normal color is used when the mouse is not over the zoom controls and the highlight color is used when the mouse moves over them.

You can turn off the zoom and pan controls altogether if you want — you can still drag the map and select locations from the directory. You might also turn off the controls if you are using the MapsAlive JavaScript API to dynamically control the zoom level. Let's see what these changes look like. The zoom controls have been changed to green and gold, the map inset is larger and in the lower right corner and the rectangle is now a rose color.

To set the initial zoom level and location so when the map first loads it is zoomed in just the way you want it, choose Map > Go To Map and use the controls to zoom and pan to the level and location you want. To save these settings, click the small lock icon below the map.

Now when we preview the tour the map displays just as we set it and we can move it around and zoom in and out.

To learn about more features in MapsAlive take a look at some of our other videos.

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