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Using the Tour Builder to Create Interactive Maps

Video Transcription

Hi everyone! I'm going to give you a quick overview of the MapsAlive Tour Builder interface to help you find your way around and get you started creating interactive maps and floor plans.

To use the Tour Builder you must be logged in — you can log in from the main website at www.mapsalive.com. Once you are logged in you can click Tour Builder in the menu on the left.

I'm going to show you the different parts of the Tour Builder to give you the lay of the land, but I won't be explaining how to use specific features or functionality in this video.

The Tour Builder has three main areas.

  1. The menu across the top is how you navigate to different screens to work with your maps and hotspot content.
  2. The left side displays the Tour Navigator which is a tree view of the maps and hotspots in your tour.
  3. The rest of the screen is the main work area where you upload maps and photos, add hotspot text, set options and so on.

Let's first take a look at the menu. It is organized so related functions are grouped together. For example, screens that let you work with your map and set map options are grouped on the Map menu.

Starting on the left is the HELP Menu with a link to the Learning Center where you will find User Guides and Videos, and a link to the Frequently Asked Questions page. When you return to the Tour Builder after visiting one of these pages, MapsAlive remembers where you were so you can return to work right away.

The ACCOUNT menu lets you see details about your account, update your user profile, and set account level preferences. You can also upgrade, renew or purchase more hotspots from the Account menu.

The LIBRARY menu is where you will find things that are part of your account, but not specific to any one tour. Click Tours to display thumbnails and summary information for all the tours in your account. You can quickly find the tour you want to work with on the Tour Library screen. You can also expand the All Tours link on the left side to select a tour. The other items on the Library menu let you view and edit different resources like markers, symbols, and font styles.

The TOUR menu groups options and actions related to the current tour as a whole. Tour Setup lets you set commonly used options like the tour name and the approximate tour size. The Tour Manager screen shows details about a tour and lets you set more advanced tour options. The other items on the Tour menu are all tour related features. Features that are available only with the Plus or Pro plans will be disabled if they are not included in your plan. Notice that you can delete a tour from the Tour menu or by clicking the trash can icon on the Tour Library screen.

The MAP menu groups everything related to working with a specific map. Choose Go to Map whenever you want to place or update markers on the map. Choose Map Image lets you upload or replace a map image. Common options like setting the Map name, choosing popups or enabling MapZoom can be found on the Map Setup screen and more advanced options are on the Advanced Map Options screenh. Replace and Delete Hotspots lets you work with multiple hotspots at a time and you can delete a map from this menu.

The HOTSPOT menu items let you add and edit hotspot content for the current hotspot, set advanced options like marker attributes and categories, and set click and mouseover actions. Other menu items let you locate a hotspot on the map, duplicate or delete a hotspot.

The LAYOUT menu is where you will go when you want to adjust margins and spacing, choose a new layout and add a banner image. Choose Advanced Tour Layout to fine tune your tour size, and change tour options like menu style, title bar and color scheme.

The POPUP menu lets you control the size, appearance, and behavior of all the popups for a map. Notice that the Popup menu is disabled here because the Floor Plan map does not use popups.

Let's take a quick detour and look at the TOUR NAVIGATOR and then we'll finish up the menu. The Tour Navigator displays the name of the current tour and below it you see the maps and hotspots in the tour. This tour has one map called Floor Plan that has two hotspots called Kitchen and Living Room, and another map called Neighborhood that also has two hotspots.

The currently selected map or hotspot is highlighted — to work with a different map or hotspot, just click it in the tour Navigator. Let's choose the Neighborhood map (notice it is now highlighted) because this map uses popups.

Now the POPUP menu is enabled. Use these menu items to change the popup size, set popup border and background colors, specify where popups display and set other popup behaviors. Remember that these settings apply to all the popups for the current map, not an individual popup.

We probably should have started with the NEW menu because this is where you go to create anything new. Choose Tour to create a new tour. To add a hotspot to the current map, choose Hotspot, and to add another map to the current tour choose Map. You can also add a Gallery or Data Sheet to any tour, but I'm not going to cover these in this video. It is worth noting, though, that the menu changes slightly when working with a Gallery or Data Sheet to include options that apply to those kinds of pages.

The RESOURCE menu item expands to let you create a new marker, symbol, marker style, and so on. These resources become part of your account and you can use them in any tour.

The RECENT menu is a convenience that lets you quickly return to the most recent item you were working with. This is particularly helpful when working with resources because you can quickly move back and forth between editing resources and your tour.

A note about the Save and Undo buttons that appear on many screens — you do not have to click the Save button after making changes on a screen unless you want to save your changes before going to another web site or closing the browser. MapsAlive saves your changes automatically whenever you go to another screen in the Tour Builder or to Tour Preview. On some screens you can use the Save button to update the preview on that screen. The Undo button to undoes changes on a screen that have not been saved — however, once they are saved you cannot undo them.

As you are working with your tour you can preview it anytime by clicking Tour Preview. To get back to the Tour Builder click Return to Tour Builder on the Tour Preview screen.

I hope this has been helpful. To learn how to create a simple tour, watch the Creating an Interactive Floor Plan Video.

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