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Map Editor

The Map Editor lets you place and position hotspot markers on your map.

Map Editor Features

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A screenshot of the Map Editor appears below with numbered circles that point out key features.

The numbered circles in Figure 1 above are explained below.

  1. Toolbar containing controls for positioning markers and locking the map's zoom level. You can mouse-over a tool icon to learn about it.
  2. Thumbnails of the map's hotspot images. Clicking on a thumbnail selects that hotspot's marker on the map.
  3. List of the map's hotspots by name. Choosing a hotspot from the list selects that hotspot's marker on the map.
  4. Inset showing how the map is currently zoomed and panned.
  5. Controls for zooming the map in and out.
  6. Markers (on this map they are bridge icons) for the map's hotspots. You can click a marker to select it or drag the marker to position it.

If you mouse-over the Quick Help icon (an "i" inside a circle) that appears as the last icon in the toolbar, help text pops up to explain the tools as shown below.

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Working with the Map Editor

Using the Map Editor is easy. The most common tasks are:

  • Drop new markers onto the map by selecting them from the hotspot list or clicking their thumbnail
  • Drag markers to the location you want them and then use the nudger controls for precise positioning
  • Rotate markers that are directional, such as arrows
  • Lock markers that you are done positioning so that you can't accidentally move them
  • Zoom the map in to see more detail, or out to see more area
  • Zoom and pan the map to where it should be when the tour loads and then lock it there
How to go to the Map Editor

  • Click the map icon (see red arrow above) or choose Map > Map Editor from the Tour Builder Menu.

The screenshot below shows the map zoomed all the way in with the Deer Brook Bridge marker selected. An unlocked selected marker appears inside a red box with crosshairs. A locked marker appears in gray crosshairs. You can ctrl-click to select multiple markers to operate on as a set. When done, you can click the Tour Preview button to try out your map.

Setting the Size of the Map Editor

The size of the Map Editor in the Tour Builder is controlled by the tour's width and height setting on the Advanced Tour Layout screen.

How to set the size of the Map Editor

You cannot change the size of the Map Editor for a Classic tour unless you change the tour's size and/or its layout. This is because the width and height of the Map Editor are the same as the dimensions of the tour's map area when the tour is displayed at its full size (not scaled down to fit a smaller browser window). The dimensions of the tour's map area are determined by the tour's layout and the values of the width and height options you specified for the tour on the Advanced Tour Layout screen.

The tour width and height values you specify for Flex Map tour on the Advanced Tour Layout screen determine the size of the Map Editor. Those values do not affect the tour size because the maps in a Flex Map tour automatically size to best fit the device they are being displayed on. Therefore, you can change the tour width and height values for a Flex Map tour to make the Map Editor larger or smaller without affecting the size of the tour itself.