Create interactive maps, diagrams, and images online

MapsAlive lets you make any image interactive. Your “map” can be anything: a floor plan, org chart, schematic, photograph, drawing or anything you like. To see how it works, touch or mouse over the orange bridge icons on the map below to see drawings and information about historic bridges. Zoom the map to see more detail and try choosing a bridge from the directory (icon at upper left). In the directory, click the “?” icon to see a video about Acadia National Park’s carriage road bridges.

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Make any floor plan interactive

Interactive floor plans let buyers see a home at a glance: how the rooms are laid out, how big they are, and where windows and doors are located. Move your mouse over the green arrows to see a photo taken from that location. Use the nav button in the center of the banner to visit the second floor, a see gallery of additional photos, or read the listing information.

An interactive floor plan created with MapsAlive

Make any image interactive

You can make any image interactive with MapsAlive. The sample below is not a map in the traditional sense of the word, but it comes alive when you add hotspots that display text and other images when you touch or mouse over the points of interest.

An interactive image created with MapsAlive

Make any diagram interactive

You can make any diagram interactive with MapsAlive. The interactive diagram below lets you explore the internal anatomy of the honey bee.

An interactive diagram of a lightbulb

Make an interactive gallery of images

Quickly create an interactive gallery of photos, drawings, or artwork. When you add images to a gallery, MapsAlive automatically creates thumbnails and places them on a background.

An interactive gallery of images created with MapsAlive

MapsAlive works great on mobile devices

MapsAlive automatically switches to mobile mode on small devices and behaves like a mobile app. But because it’s running in a browser, people don’t need to download an app to use the interactive maps, diagrams, floor plans, and images you create.

Interactive map running on mobile devices

Why use MapsAlive?

To understand why people use MapsAlive, just compare these two maps of downtown Bar Harbor, Maine: A hand-drawn bird’s eye view and a Google Map. Both can be interactive, but with MapsAlive you don’t have to use the same street maps over and over. You can choose any image for a map and it won’t contain advertising or other information that detracts from your interactive content.

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