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Text transcript:

There are several ways to create new hotspots in MapsAlive. In this video we’ll show you how to quickly create hotspots from the Map Editor screen.

Let’s demonstrate by creating a simple employee seating plan. We have already created the tour and uploaded our floor plan image. Watch the Create your first interactive map video to learn how to do this.

Now we’ll add hotspots for several employees. Click the Add New Hotspot icon below the map.

Let’s give the hotspot a title and accept the default for the id, and then choose this person marker. When you click Add Hotspot, its marker drops onto the map where you can drag it to a location on the map.

Let’s add a few more hotspots.

You can rotate and nudge the markers as needed.

We can see how this looks so far by going to Tour Preview.

Because there is no content yet, the hotspots just display a tooltip when you mouse over or touch them.

Returning to the Tour Builder, now let’s add photos for the hotspots.

To go to the Edit Hotspot Content screen, click a hotspot name in the Tour Navigator.

We’ve already set the hotspot title and marker so now we’ll add a photo for each hotspot. You can also add text here, but we’ll just add the photos.

To add a photo for the next hotspot, choose it from the Tour Navigator.

Now let’s go back to Tour Preview and see what it looks like. Now our hotspots display photos when you mouse over or touch them.

You can make as many changes and updates as you want, previewing along the way. When you are ready to share your interactive map with others you Publish the tour. A published tour has its own URL that anyone can use to view your tour.