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Text transcript:

This video shows you how to add hotspots to a map by creating shape markers using the MapsAlive Shape Editor.

We’ve already created an interactive map that displays photos of properties on a tax map of land parcels.

We’ll go back to the Map Editor and create markers for 2 more parcels so you can see how it’s done.

To create a new marker and a hotspot at the same time, click the Create New Shape Marker icon below the map.

Here we’ll create a polygon since the parcel shapes are irregular.

Next, let’s use the parcel number as both the marker and hotspot names.

We’ll use the same marker style we used for the markers created earlier.

When you press Create Marker, MapsAlive creates a new hotspot and places a generic polygon shape marker on the map and you see that Parcel 51 now appears in the Tour Navigator.

To edit the shape marker, drag the default shape over the parcel and then double-click it. The marker now has 5 edit handles that you can drag to change the shape.

For precision, click the over-zoom icon so you can zoom way in and see more detail. That’s better.

Now drag each handle to one of the parcel’s corners. If you need another handle, just drag the magic dot and a new handle appears.

When you’re done, click the green checkmark in the tool bar. You can also press the Enter key.

That was fun. Let’s do another one.

When we preview the tour, we see that our new markers light up, but they don’t have any content so let’s add some.

Back in the Map Editor select one of the new hotspots from the Tour Navigator.

Here we’ll add a photo and brief description.

And do the same for the other hotspot.

Now let’s view the map again in Tour Preview.

That’s how you add shape markers from the MapsAlive Map Editor.