Interactive maps can display images, text, and video

You can display just about anything when you mouse over, click, or touch hotspot markers on an interactive map. Images, text, video, and embeddable content like a Google map can all be displayed. You add content to your maps using the MapsAlive Tour Builder.

Hotspot Images and Text

The screenshot below shows how an image and text are displayed in a popup when you mouse over a marker on the map. In this example, the text within the popup contains a link at the bottom to another website that was added with the hotspot content editor.

Display hotspot images and text in popups on an interactive map

Video and other multimedia

You can embed a video, a Google map, or any other embeddable multimedia by pasting the HTML embed code directly into your hotspot’s content.

Add video content to hotspots on  interactive maps
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Hotspot Content Editor

The Tour Builder’s hotspot content editor is where you enter formatted text, upload an image, or paste in embed code for multimedia like the video shown above. A screenshot of the editor is shown below.

Add and edit interactive map content with the hotspot content editor